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As I do from time to time, I type “pawn shop” into the “news” tab on Google.com.  Usually the top stories read “Local Pawn Shop Robbed” or “Local Pawn Shop Owner Arrested for Buying Stolen Goods”.  However, today I read an article who’s title was “Pawn Shop Helps Detectives Find Thieves”.  Articles like this put a smile on my face.

The opinion on local pawn shop is that they are seedy places where crooks come to sell their stolen merchandise.  They’re dangerous and scummy.  This is a common misconception.  While the news articles always show pawnshops in a negative light there are more who do good than bad.

Pawnshops help people when they are in a time of need.  Many people can’t raise the cash necessary to pay bills month to month especially in a bad economy.  Pawnshops are here to give loans to people who have no where else to turn.  After the banks turn them down local pawn shop always have cash for them.

Also, pawnshops are great for law enforcement because if they do buy stolen goods unknowingly, they slow down the transfer of hands.  By law, pawnshops are required to hold the merchandise for 30 days after buying it before they can offer it for sale.  And if they give a collateral loan they will have the merchandise for at least 120 total days before selling it.  This gives police time to investigate the local pawn shop in the area after stolen merchandise has been reported.

Local pawn shop not only helps out their clients when times are tough, but they also indirectly help out law enforcement.  After reading an article that said a pawnshop helped in the process of returning stolen merchandise to victims I felt good that I work in one.  We’re here to help the public get cash and assist in any needs that law enforcement might have.

by, Seth at Boca Raton Pawn


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