Hardcore Pawn Renews Contract for a Fifth Season

hardcore pawn

local pawn shop

While the History Channel’s Pawn Stars is by far the more popular of the two, Hardcore Pawn just signed a new contract for a 5th season.

While both shows do not fully represent what a local pawn shop is, Hardcore pawn is the closest.  They actually show people pawning and selling somewhat normal things.  I’ve worked in the pawn and jewelry business for almost five years and I have never seen a 15th century Samurai sword come in to my shop.  While the pawn business has been doing well over the past few years, Pawn Stars and Hardcore Pawn are on TV and need to draw ratings.  They show these outrageous things being pawned in an effort to gain more viewers.

by, Seth at Boca Raton Pawn


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