Rick Harrison and the ‘Old Man’ Visit With Fans and Sign Copies of Rick’s New Book, ‘License to Pawn’

License to Pawnby Rick Harrison

License to Pawn: Deals, Steals, and My Life at the Gold & Silver

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License to Pawn, a 272 page hardcover book released on June 7th, has been recieving positive reviews and is popping up on many “must read” lists for Summer 2011. The book is written by Rick Harrison, owner and operator ofGold & Silver Pawn Shopin Las Vegas.

You may recognize these names from the hit television program, ‘Pawn Stars’, which airs on the History Channel. Rick is certainly one of the most prominent stars of the ensemble cast of the History Channel’s hit program, ‘Pawn Stars’, with a constant beaming smile on his face and a seemingly endless stream of knowledge about history, chemistry, metals, erosion, natural elements and welding.

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The book offers a much closer look into the trials and triumphs of not only Rick Harrison, but of the history belonging to the realized success of the (three-generation) family business, ‘Gold & Silver Pawn Shop‘ in Las Vegas. The tale of Rick’s struggle with epilepsy, the solace he found (and still finds) within books on history, along with the struggles the family faced upon the beginning of ‘Pawn Stars’ filming are well conveyed, and perfectly counteracted with bits of humor.

As Rick walks the reader through his life in the Pawn Industry, he offers entertaining and interesting tidbits on the items he’ll never sell, and the tricks he uses to overcome the sentimental historian side of himself when it’s time to be a businessman. Harrison also gives readers a moderately in-depth look into the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, the colorful array of customers, as well as some information you’d never expect about the items for sale.


My first grand mal epileptic seizure, and the countless ones that followed, would define my childhood and much of my life. They struck violently and without warning. They struck mostly at night, and thankfully never at school. They struck with such severe force that I accepted it as a given that I would not live into adulthood.

Surely, at some point, one of these vengeful, raging attacks would cross the line. It would hit with all its wild, paralyzing fury, and I would simply never regain consciousness. From the time the seizures became a regular part of my life, I resigned myself to the idea that they would eventually kill me.

So I read books.

A lot of books.

I fell in love with a series of books called The Great Brain. These were the first books that captured my imagination. – Chapter 1, The Storm In My Head, Rick Harrison

This should be added to your ‘must read’ list, if it hasn’t been already! 🙂



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