Sell Gold: The price of Gold Rises for 10th Straight Quarter!


Gold price rises for 10th straight quarter 

The price of gold keeps climbing HIGHER AND HIGHER! Now it has increased a grand total of 5 percent in the 2nd quarter. The WGC ( World Gold Council) just reported these numbers the last Gold Investment Digest.


Going by the numbers in the Gold Investment Digest, the second quarter ended with gold at a staggering $1,505.50 an ounce! With the average cost of gold during the second quarter actually being just barely above that. So does this mean that after it’s long ascent, the cost of gold might finally be coming down!? It’s hard to know, but if you have gold and you have been waiting to sell it, now might be a really good time to do just that!

While a thorough set of figures for the 2nd Quarter on the demandof jewelry won’t be available from the WGC until probably mid-to-late August, initially it looks as though that demand in the Indian market remained strong. This, despite what was an increase in local prices. Overall demand in China is growing still at what the digest refers to as a “healthy pace” .


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