Stock Market Tanks – Budgets as Tight As Heather Locklear’s Dress!

Unemployment numbers are bad, and overseas markets are in turmoil, and the New York Stock Exchange is responding just as it should! So who is surprised? Not us!

Investors have come to the conclusion that the leaders in Washington are worried about something not related to the economy.

It turns out that investors (and big business) just love Democratic economic policy. In fact, they love it almost as much as the Republican‘s tax policy.

 heather locklear black dress

Courtesy of ABC News

What to do. Well, we can offer at least one solution and that’s the same fast, no credit checks collateral loans we always offer. If this economy is strapping you and your wallet is as tight as Heather Locklear‘s little black dress, just stop by with jewelry, watches or other collateral and we will treat you right!

By MK, at Boca Raton Pawn. The Leading high-end Boca Pawn Broker!

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