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Mystery of the lost Titanic Diamonds

Mystery of the lost Titanic Diamonds

Titanic stern

Titanic stern (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It seems that a young man, Erwin Lewy, who owned a jewelry store with his brothers in Chicago somewhere in the early 1900’s, had been on a diamond buying trip to Europe in 1912. As luck would have it, he wasn’t able to buy the stones he had hoped for and he decided to delay his return home in the hope that he would be more successful in Amsterdam.

Erwin sealed his fate when he made the decision to take the Titanic back home at the end of his buying trip. His story came to light some years ago when the descendants of Erwin Lewy tried to find out what had happened to the lost Titanic jewels. One of Erwins relatives, Stanley, got some news in 2000 that the lost diamonds were most likely located in one of two places in the ship. One of the places was thought to be in the Captains safe and the other most likely place for their storage was probably in the Bursars bag. Of course, we don’t know at this time, deep down at the bottom of the ocean whether these things, and hundreds of thousands of others, will ever be recovered. Even if they are recovered, where will they end up? Will his relatives and countless others have the opportunity to lay claim to these items or will they end up in museums or in exhibits, part of history, for the entire world to see.

Almost everyone has been drawn to the allure of diamonds and jewelry. Stories about ancient artifacts, gold and sparkling gemstones have enthralled generations. Celebrity gossip, who’s recently engaged, how big was the stone, and finally, the biggest media hype, how much did the diamond ring cost!

Angelina Jolie at the Cannes film festival.

Angelina Jolie at the Cannes film festival. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s almost common place nowadays for one celebrity or another to spend millions of dollars on a diamond. It’s become, I feel, somewhat of a competition to have the biggest most expensive stone. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitts recent engagement news is, of course, all over the news. By all accounts her diamond, which is taking center stage in the news articles, is an elongated emerald cut center stone of approximately 9cts. The emerald cut is set in a mounting with other diamonds which Brad himself designed. Copycat designs are already available, and are no doubt in great demand.

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Sell on eBay and Be a Winner!

Urban Aguilera

Christine Aguilera

Apparently, there is a group of celebrities who  are taking the opportunity to share their personal items and donating them to sell on eBay for charity. In this move, the opportunity to get online and give your best bid to try and earn a spot in history by owning that special item from actors like Brad Pitt, Christine Aguilera, Jeff Bridges, and others. Think how ecstatic eBay was when this was proposed and announced.

Here is a clear example of what you can do as well. While you may not be a celebrity or even a member of the Pawn Star crew, you can do exactly the same thing they are doing by selling your unwanted item in eBay. Even more convenient is the chance to go to your Boca Raton pawn shop to check out just how easy it is to sell on eBay. Literally, millions have taken the time to seek out the experience and reap the rewards for taking the initiative to do so.

If you happen to be a fan of these actors, what better way to celebrate your first sell by following their lead. Grab your unwanted item that has some value to earn your reward. Get cash for your efforts and enjoy the feeling of ridding yourself of all those unused “things” and making room in your garage for more of what you really desire to own. Finding the excitement of watching the bids go up and up are just part of the fun that can be expected.

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