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Gold As An Investment – Diamonds To Show Love And Devotion

If you have spent any time at all watching television, you have probably noticed the upsurge of advertisements for gold buying businesses. The economy experiences swings up and down over periods of time that can make precious metals and gems much more appealing to the investor. A question that comes to mind in regard to the best bang for the buck deals with gold and diamonds. What is the best option in a down market environment, diamonds or gold?

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Diamonds are anyone's best friend, especially when they are on sale.

The answer can depend on recent history prior to a down-turn in the business sectors. During more prosperous times, records indicate that diamonds are more popular overall among jewelry and precious metal items. While being popular, diamonds are also more costly. Oddly enough, when the economy is in negative territory, diamonds will cost less; however, the opportunity to sell diamonds is diminished for obvious reasons. When those who usually would have money to pay for the diamonds in jewelry form or on watches, they are not in a position to do so at a time of low employment numbers.

On the other hand, gold has a very different opportunity. As a rule, gold is a liquid asset and can be sold daily in a market environment being traded. Buy gold in a positive or negative market atmosphere as a plus and asset to the investor. Commonly, those who trade gold on a regular basis find it a great hedge against a weak dollar that is indicative of a down economy. Comparing gold against diamonds, it is far better to make gold the investment for a diversified portfolio. Diamonds are always a wonderful purchase for gift-giving and showing love and devotion to family and friends.

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A Golden Opportunity to Sell your Gold

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Pawnshops will buy your gold!

As most of you are already keenly aware, gold has seen some remarkable gains over the past few years.  At this point, it has been hovering in the $1700.00 per ounce range.  Think about that!  Could there possibly be a better time to sell any unwanted gold jewelry?  It has become obvious to some that now is definitely the time to let your local pawnshop help you out.  With the economy being so depressed and many people needing the extra cash, digging up any unwanted or unused items containing gold would be almost like going on a treasure hunt.

Being so close to the Christmas holiday season, some may feel the pinch to prepare for a little something for a child, spouse, or a dear friend.  Whatever the reason, many may feel compelled to share a gift even in meager times such as these.  If this happens  to be your circumstance and there is some jewelry, gold coins, or gold trinkets that you could part with and not lose sleep over it, perhaps, then this could be the right opportunity.

For some, the month to month, week to week, or day-to-day living with financial pressures can provoke thought of selling any gold that may be in their possession.  On the other hand, why not look at the bright side, finding any gold jewelry or pieces of gold from other items could certainly take some of the pressure off.

Think how much better it will feel by not having certain money matters haunting your every thought.  And what a better time than now to alleviate any negative stressors causing problems?  Your local Boca Raton pawnshop is well equipped to not only help you with buying the gold from you, but they will strive to ensure you get the best price as well.  Not everyone can make that claim, but these dealers and their representatives are committed to see that the customer needs are addressed with the upmost of respect and service second to none.

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What a deal on jewelry at your local pawn shop!

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Pawn Shop Jewelry Deals!

What a deal on jewelry at your local pawn shop!

Hot deals do not begin to describe what you will see at your local pawn shop. It makes not difference what kind of jewelry you are in the market for, they will either have it or they will find it for you. Take for example you are a high-end customer and love to splurge occasionally on the finer side of the jewelry isle. No problem! Go on down to your favorite place of business and check out the inventory they have just waiting for you to drop in and gaze over. Diamond jewelry, diamond watches, gold jewelry and watches of all brands, and the stunning combination of gems and precious metals. It all is just patiently waiting.

If you get there and just cannot seem to find that special piece, don’t fret or lose interest. Call over your representative and let him or her take care of the problem. Tell them what you are looking for and ask them to see if they can locate it for you. It is possible that they may already know where to turn to obtain your new high-end jewelry. If not, give them the opportunity to serve you and help you achieve a satisfied purchase once again.

For those who still don’t know where to turn, let me steer you in the right direction. Gaining a friend in the business of buying and selling can be very advantageous. Establishing yourself with a great Boca Raton pawn shop can provide years of great purchases and/or sells with people you have grown to respect and trust. This is a win-win proposition; you gain a friend and the pawn shop gains a new and valued customer.

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The National Enquirer Wants Pawn Stars

Pawn Stars

Hottest Show IN Vegas!

Could it really be the the hottest show in Vegas is the show about the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop. There are some 5,000 people a day lining up to see the Pawn Stars and that’s more than are lining up to see Celine Dion! The Stars themselves are pretty amazed and even “overwhelmed”, says assistant manager Jason Heatwole.


The store has some strange and magnetic pull and so far as we can research it spans one of the most broad viewing demographics that there is running. We are delighted and we can attest to the fact that pawn shops are getting foot traffic from everyone! We see all ages and sizes coming through our doors and we wake up everyday wondering just what treasure we’ll find and who’ll be by later to discover it.

What do YOU think of the Pawn Stars? What do you like? What do you hate? Who do you like, and who do you hate? Let us know your opinion on the Pawn Stars epidemic!

By Boca Raton Pawn, your premier Boca Pawn Broker.

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Chumlee Wants To Be A Millionaire but Rick Says “I don’t Trust Him”

Pawn Stars

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OK, then. Chumlee has every right to be a millionaire, right? In this clip the staff makes fun of Chumlee to his face and in front of the cameras. http://www.history.com/shows/pawn-stars/videos/chumlee-wants-to-be-a-millionaire#chumlee-wants-to-be-a-millionaire

There’s really no courtesy for poor Chumlee. If you ask some people he’s the most decent person on the show. Still, he’s the verbal whipping post of Pawn Stars’ Rick.  I’m rooting for Chumlee to be the richest one in the bunch. Long after the lame insults and bad jokes are gone and the cast has all bought their own island to retire on, it will be Chumlee (in his Maserati) that will go on to spawn a movie based on his life! Well, maybe not. But still, he’s a sweet guy and the cast could ease up a bit on the ridicule.

So, Chumlee took his shot at the million along with Corey and Rick. Rick  continues to belittle and make fun of Chumlee in this YouTube clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLg-j4mJ4rw – but when it’s all said and done we’ll see who rakes in the dough or who blows it.


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