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Pawn Stars Mixin’ It Up With iCarly Stars

Without speculating or assuming about the fans who routinely watch Pawn Stars and their taste in cable TV shows, I think it would be safe to assume that many of you have kids that watch iCarly, a Nickelodeon sitcom. The reason for bringing this up is that the most unanticipated and unexpected move has been announced; and you won’t believe it.

Later in 2012, yours truly, the boys from Pawn Stars – Rick Harrison, Corey Harrison and Chumlee (Austin Russell) –  have a guest spot on an episode of iCarly; unbelievable. These pawn shop celebrities in their own right have really crossed some influential paths just by being who they are in their own cable hit series. As unlikely as it may seem, the stars of iCarly will be hosting these guys as part of a story line that takes Sam and Carly on a road trip to the star-studded gambling capitol of the world, Las Vegas.

As it has been released, the need for some serious cash, quick, Sam and Carly stumble upon the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, aka Pawn Stars store, trying to pawn some stuff. From here, only your imagination can guess what will actually happen. Rest assured, any ideas that Chumlee will be any different should be tossed out the window. He needs to be himself, that’s what works in Pawn Stars, and it will work with iCarly as well. Perhaps, some serious teasing and taunting by Rick and Corey can yield some Three Stooges comedy to really add some humor to the set.

How ever it goes, it is a sure bet that the cast and crew of two very popular series will have a great time together. What else could anyone expect? When the worlds of Pawn Stars and iCarly collide, all bets are off, even in Las Vegas, on what comedy will ensue. In fact, I wonder if they have considered the combination of Spencer (the incredibly funny character from iCarly) and Chumlee experiencing a hillarious interchange would turn out? Well, I guess we will have to just tune in to find out.

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Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison Has Racing In His Blood

LAS VEGAS, NV - DECEMBER 01:  Rick Harrison fr...

During a Pawn Stars episode recently, Rick Harrison was considering a purchase of a dragster. For a change, he was not behind the desk trying to pawn gold or jewelry from a customer. No, he was out in the field on this one; refreshing change of pace in the show. At any rate, the seller of the dragster was all enamored with the whole television environment and seemed to be convinced that good old Rick was his new bud and would by the speedster.

It was a real surprise when Rick decided to jump in and take it for a test drive; makes sense, right? The decision was a smart move since there could be anything wrong with it not detectable unless it was driven.

Well, Rick seems to have some real racing blood running, or should I say, speeding through his veins. When sitting at the starting line waiting for the lights to go from red to green, he really got into character. Sweat beading down his forehead, an intense look on his face, and a tight, no, a very tight grip on the steering wheel were all obvious just watching the screen.

The light hits green and suddenly the tires start spinning and smoking, just like you see when professionals are slicking up their tires. The wheels grabbed the surface and he shot out of their like the Navy’s F-15 fighter jets at take-off on an aircraft carrier; literally a slingshot effect.

English: Dragster at Sunset Strip Drag Racing,...

Rick Harrison admitted that he now knew how Navy fighter pilots feel at take-off.

It is a shame that there was no camera shot of his eyes when that bad boy took off. Rick admitted he was a little scared, but that the car steered good and got him to the finish. It appeared that the car would be worth the $30,000 being asked.

Whoa! Stop the presses! Rick could have knocked the owner over with a feather when the price offered was a mere $11,000; a small $6,000 for the dragster and $5,000 for the trailer. You could see the huge disappointment on the owner’s face; he went completely pale.

“That would be giving it away.” remarked the owner when later he was interviewed, but accepted the fact and was ready to move on. Rick was really on target with this when he later described just how poor of a shape the vehicle was in; bad engine, out-dated front-end, and vital systems needing an overhaul. Got to hand it to Mr. Harrison, he really does know what he is talking about.

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Pawn Star Rick’s Book – License To Pawn

By now, everyone has either enjoyed or endured the Harrison family and their popular “reality” show, Pawn Stars! So it’s really no shocker that someone took the initiative to branch out the product endorsements and have a book written for them. Will you buy it? Me… I think I’m waiting for the Pawn Store malt liquor to hit the shelves! Or maybe the Chumlee microwave HungryMan entres!

Rick Harrison - License to Pawn

Rick Harrison - License to Pawn

Rick, his son Big Hoss, and Rick’s dad, The Old Man have very little going for them if they ever want to have a clothing line or a fragrance for men, but they DO have the knack for the pawn business. You might say that if anyone was born to pawn, it was the Harrison’s.

So, I think this book is worth a read, if only to really understand the inside track of the pawn industry. I’m curious what tips and tricks they have to offer. Plus… I can’t wait to read the parts Chumlee helped write!

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Rick Harrison: From Pawn Shop to Reality TV Star; Read ‘License to Pawn’ – ABC News

Rick Harrison: From Pawn Shop to Reality TV Star; Read ‘License to Pawn’ – ABC News.

Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison to Speak at GIA Symposium 2011

local pawn shop

Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars: Local Pawn Shop

It was just announced that Pawn Stars’ star Rick Harrison will be speaking at the GIA Symposium 2011.  Rick Harrison is the owner of Gold and Silver Pawn shop which is the store featured on the hit show Pawn Stars.

Mr. Harrison is going to be on the panel called “Everything Old is New Again – The Appeal of Auction, Estate, and Vintage Markets”.  Rick Harrison knows what he’s talking about when it comes to auction, estate, and vintage markets because he has run his local pawn shop for over 30 years.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) wanted Mr. Harrison, not only because of his fame, but because of his knowledge.  Who better to speak about vintage items than the star of Pawn Stars?  He is also very comfortable in social situations including in front of a camera.  Mr. Harrison should draw a large crowd.

by, Seth at Boca Raton Pawn

Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison is NPA Pawnbroker of the Year

local pawn shop

Local Pawn Shop

Every year the National Pawnbrokers Association recognizes one pawnbroker as pawnbroker of the year.  This year they selected Rick Harrison from Pawn Stars for his great work at his local pawn shop.

Rick Harrison, along with his dad, opened Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas in 1988 (the same year I was born).  The NPA considers 22 years of business to be “young”.  Ever since the History Channel selected them for the reality show Pawn Stars, their local pawn shop has shown the general public that pawn shops aren’t as seedy as once thought.  They have represented the pawn industry in a good light and all of us pawnbrokers have him to thank.

Not only does Pawn Stars represent pawnbroking positively, but it gives great insight into just how much knowledge a pawnbroker has.  You have to be relatively smart and know a lot about a lot of things to succeed in this business.  Rick Harrison is obviously a smart guy who knows a lot about history.  This in turn helps him evaluate all the weird things that come in to his shop.

In my opinion Rick Harrison not only deserves to win NPA Pawnbroker of the year but he deserves to win a lifetime achievement award.  No one person has done so much for the pawn industry as Rick.  Local pawn shop all over the country have seen an increase in business because people are not afraid to go to them anymore.  They understand how pawn shops help people and are a great place to shop for things at a huge discount.

by, Seth at Boca Raton Pawn