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Pawn Stars Reviewed by Commonsensemedia.org

Pawn Stars

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Pawn Stars Reviewed:


According to Commonsensemedia.org, “Bickering, hard bargains mark show about family business”. The site goes on to comment that pawn stars is a reality series about the inner workings  of a Vegas pawn shop that provides an interesting look at capitalism at its most basic level.

Are the pawn stars good role models?  Yes and no… but mostly yes! At least according to parents and educators ~ The men who run the shop have a tempestuous relationship and they bicker often. Poor communication as a family maybe, but they are running a business here, and bickering is great communication for a reality show. Is it all real, probably not, we think that they play to the camera smartly. Hey, no one wants to see mature, intelligent communication on a reality show!

They’re aggressive salespeople who are looking for an edge in a deal. So, they are not unscrupulous,  they just push hard for the best deal. It’s not personal; it’s just good business.

  • 57% say there are positive role models
  • 43% say there are positive messages
By Bocaratonpawn, a Boca Pawn Broker.
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Pawn Stars Hero Chumlee Reports Corey Lost 30 Pounds!

Pawn Stars

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While the Pawn Stars audience is GROWING like weeds, Corey’s waist line is shrinking, or at least that’s what Chumlee says. Corey loses 30 pounds and Chumlee gains 1800 or so when he buys a $100K Maserati! Yikes! Times are good at Gold and Silver Pawn!

corey and chumlee

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Pawn Stars catches the seedy side of Vegas pawn shops and that is apparently what people want! It’s nice to see someone use their success to improve themselves personally. Go Corey!

I guess the motivation is there, though, for Corey to “hotten” up his bod, after all the t.v. show is on fire! But maybe more than that, the foot traffic in the store is increasing dramatically as Gold and Silver Pawn has now become a tourist destination in Vegas!

So Vegas, how do you feel now that you’ve gone from Rat Pack to Chumlee! Only in these modern times could we see such unpredictable social icons.


On parting, here’s something to ponder, Pawn Stars is as popular right now with 25-54 year olds as is Jersey Shore! Chumlee and Snooki! I just had to type those two names together!

Rock on Pawn Stars ~ We’re watching you!

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