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What is Occupy Movement All About?

TAMARAC, FL - AUGUST 09:  Cory Haksel checks t...

Selling jewelry or gold items at a pawn shop is sometimes beneficial to those in need.

The Occupy Movement that has swept the country in recent months has shed a whole new light on the kind of people who seem to find a need to display a certain attitude and appearance, generally speaking. It appears as though many of the “occupiers” are from a younger generation that have little interest in pursuing a more formal approach to life. As an example, their dress was commonly very loose and comfortable looking attire. A great deal of people were passionate about what they thought should be important to the rest of the nation.

This is not a demeaning mention of this group, simply an observation. One might wonder what their aspirations are and do they see the world in a practical way or in some dream state that hosts fantasies of what they would like to see the world change into on their behalf. It is unclear as to what exactly their position is or what they would see as the right direction for the country to take. By all accounts from news reports, they came across as being in a state of need, being unemployed and need to sell jewelry or gold items, if they had any, to a pawn shop or pawn broker, or needing guidance for where to proceed from this point in their lives.

With the pawn industry doing so well, this could very well be an avenue for employment for some; and that is not a bad thing. Obtaining a job in any field these days seems to be quite an accomplishment. So, why not a representative at a pawn shop. Whether in New York, Boca Raton, Florida, or even Dallas, Texas, there is sure to be an employment opportunity from which they can benefit.

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Boca Raton Pawn Stars: A Peek Into Our Shop

Boca Raton Pawn Stars: Photos

A Gallery Glimpse Inside Boca Raton Pawn…

Boca Raton Pawn: Motorcycles, Cars, Boats…

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High End Watches for Men and Women…

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Diamond Bracelet and a Collection of Fine Jewelry...

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As you walk into our showroom you will become acquainted with our warm and attentive staff. 

Boca Raton Pawn is centrally located in the beautiful city of Boca Raton, Florida directly across the street from Mizner Park on Federal Hwy. Family owned and operated, Boca Raton Pawn specializes in short term pawn shop loans on a wide variety of items. These items include jewelry, watches, diamonds, precious metals, art, automobiles, collectibles, tools, electronics, musical instruments and much more. If you have something of value that we have not mentioned, just give us a call or email for a free evaluation.

We have an extensive clientele that is actively seeking fine estate jewelry items including heavy gold jewelry, diamond jewelry, platinum jewelry and designer jewelry. We also have customers that are interested in purchasing luxury watches. Because of this interest, we are motivated to provide you with the highest returns on your watches. Bring in any luxury brand. Luxury watches from famous Swiss companies such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Cartier and many more are in high demand.

Boca Raton Pawn is one of the largest buyers of jewelry, watches, diamonds and precious metals in Boca Raton. We are located conveniently on Federal Hwy directly across the street from Mizner Park.

Boca Raton Pawn
555 North Federal Highway #13-14
Boca Raton, Fl. 33432
Toll Free 1-855-825-PAWN

Fax 561-347-8956

Hours of Operation
Mon-Fri 10-6
Sat 10-5
Sun 12-4

Rick Harrison: From Pawn Shop to Reality TV Star; Read ‘License to Pawn’ – ABC News

Rick Harrison: From Pawn Shop to Reality TV Star; Read ‘License to Pawn’ – ABC News.

Most Commonly Pawned Items: Boca Raton Pawn

local pawn shop

local pawn shop

Over the last few months I have bought and given collateral loans for hundreds of items.  While just about anything can be pawned to a local pawn shop, I’d like to point out our most commonly pawned items (top 3 anyway).

3.  Musical Instruments
Musical Instruments, like guitars and piano,s are our third most popular pawned item.  A lot of people play music but just don’t have the time anymore.  Instead of having a guitar waste space in an attic we have a lot of customers come and sell or pawn their musical instruments.  Most local pawn shop will accept musical instruments as there a

re plenty of potential buyers out there.

2.  Gold, Jewelry, and Watches
This makes sense as these are the items people have the most of with the most value.  For example a 2 carat diamond can fit just about anywhere and weighs relatively nothing.  An item like this can be sold for thousands of dollars to a local pawn shop.  It makes perfect sense that people who need a lot of money would turn to their gold, jewelry, and watches first.

1.  Electronics
This includes laptops, phones, iPhones, iPads, speakers, amplifiers, etc.  Since technology is changing at an exponential rate, people’s electronics are quickly becoming old news.  Every year a new iPhone comes out and everyone wants the new one.  What better to do with the old one than sell it to a local pawn shop?  You might as well get get some cash for it while you still can.

by, Seth at Boca Raton Pawn

Pawn Stars is Unrealistic: Boca Raton Pawn Shop

pawn shop boca raton

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Now that I work in a pawn shop Boca Raton I always seem to notice when shows like “Pawn Stars” are on TV.  There are actually two mainstream shows about pawn shops.  One is Pawn Stars and the other is Hardcore Pawn.  I like to watch Pawn Stars in my spare time.  However, I don’t like how it represents what pawn shops are.

For example, since Pawn Stars is on the History Channel they only show people pawning historic items like swords from the 15th century.  In the real world of pawn shop Boca Raton this kind of item is rarely pawned.  The fact is most pawn shop employees are not qualified to determine the value of such items; which leads me to my next problem.  There is no way Rick knows all of these “experts” that he calls in to evaluate rare artifacts.  He may know a few people from being in the business for years but seems highly unlikely that he has an expert for every item that comes in.

I wish there was a show about a real life pawn shop Boca Raton.  One where people come in with jewelry or TV’s or even typewriters from the 50’s.  I think people would like a real insight into what the pawn business is all about.

One thing I do like about “Pawn Stars” is it displays pawn shops in a good light.  A common misconception  is that pawn shops are dirty, scary, and seedy places.  While this may be the case for some, most are actually nice upscale places where you can buy or sell a wide array of items.

While shows like Pawn Stars and Hardcore Pawn are not a 100% accurate representation of pawn shops they have improved the public’s view of them.  The pawn business seems to be at an all time high.

by, Seth at Boca Raton Pawn

Best Buy a Pawn Shop?: Boca Raton Pawn

pawn shop Boca Raton

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The other day I was lounging around watching TV when I saw a new Best Buy ad.  The ad was to promote their new “buy back” program where they will buy back your electronics (at a lower price of course) to keep up with ever changing technology.  At first I didn’t think much of it.  I mean big corporations like Game Stop have been buying back their products for years.  But the more I thought about it I said, “why aren’t more companies doing this?”  After all, places like pawn shops Boca Raton have been doing it for years.  I mean pawn shops will buy basically anything they think they can make a profit on.  And with the introduction of eBay in the last 10 years selling useless items has never been easier.

After seeing the ad and thinking more of it I Googled it to see what other people thought.  Most articles that I read said the general public was drawn to the program and it seems to be working for Best Buy.  It makes perfect sense.  Why throw away your obsolete two-year-old laptop when you can sell it back to the place you bought it from?  You can even use the money you get towards a new one.  The fact that more companies don’t do this is mind boggling.

Personally, when I was younger, I worked at Game Stop, then at an estate jewelry store, and now at a pawn shop Boca Raton.  All three of these companies make a majority of their money by buying back customers valuables and selling them at a discount.  For 5 years I have seen first hand the success that companies have from buying used items.  For example, Game Stop will buy back a video game for a fraction of what they sold it for; and they will sell it as “pre owned”  for three or four times what they bought it back for.  They entice you to sell your games back to them by offering more money if you use the money towards a purchase.  It is no coincidence that Best Buy saw the success of Game Stop and adopted its own “buy back” system.

Best Buy has yet to say that they are going to adopt this “buy back” program forever.  In fact I think it is only for a limited time.  Maybe they are testing it out before they offer it forever?  While I am not the CEO of Best Buy or of any other company for that matter, I have seen what success buying back old products can have for a company and I recommend Best Buy keep this program forever.

by, Seth at Boca Raton Pawn