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Pawn Shops Use Creativity To Build Pre-owned Market

Finding the direction we must take in order to discover success in our lives is a daunting, and frankly, sometimes downright tough. Nevertheless, taking control of your life and its current path is indicative of someone who has dreams, aspires to be someone that is reliable and trustworthy, and is willing to sacrifice for a better future. Believing that there is no hope or not a good reason for holding to a faith that life can and will improve with the right attitude and conviction would be ludicrous in the least.

Many have fallen on hard times over the past three years or so; actually in record numbers has this happened. Regardless, many have survived, putting their trust in a system that has proven successful in the past. Down-turns will happen, it is inherent with any democracy and capitalist-based economy. Corrections in markets due to decisions made by those in a position to trade and invest can have very prosperous times. Additionally, these good times can result in over indulgence or behaviors that do not take businesses in a positive direction; hence, bubbles burst and economies suffer for a season.

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Down-turns in any economy have positive attributes by which the most creative business minds can capitalize and prosper.

Discovering new and innovative ways for people to survive, find work, create jobs, and so on is part of what naturally happens; in part due to the resilience and tenacity of entrepreneurs across the United States. Sectors of the market place become more apt to succeeding and actually growing during depressive economic times by stepping outside of the box looking for not so obvious ways of serving a diverse customer base. As an example, consider the pawn brokering industry. These businesses have made some creative moves to capitalize on the strains existing in our current economy. They realized that no matter the income or status of a person or group, they all have surplus items that no longer are of vital interest or considered a priority.

In fact, many have discovered, especially in the Boca Raton area, that they can sell gold that is unwanted to bring in cash for use to take care of bills, provide rent, pay mortgages, and so on. It is interesting to observe the trends within the pawn shop industry taking on electronic devices like never before, buying up Apple products, purchasing enormous amounts of gold and jewelry, and finding that eBay is an ally that can be a profitable pursuit. Indeed, the discovery of a pre-owned market has never been so lucrative; all due to the decisions by those with means and power who never anticipated the ultimate gift to thousands and thousands of pawn brokers.

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How About The Chumlee Phenomenom


Famous, fun-loving, and most definitely care-free describes the admired Chumlee.

If you listen carefully, you might be able to hear the cheers coming from the fans of Pawn Stars. Yep, there it is. They are chanting, “Chumlee, Chumlee, Chumlee” and it seems to be getting louder. Okay, so you can’t really hear the  cheers over the Internet or on the cable show, but if you pay any attention at all to what is showing up on the web, Chumlee is getting a lot of attention. By all accounts, he has become the most popular character on the television show, Pawn Stars. This is a show about a pawn shop in Las Vegas where a family spends most of their time fussing and cussing about something that…you guessed it, something that Chumlee did or said.

LAS VEGAS, NV - DECEMBER 01:  Austin 'Chumlee'...

Chumlee is by far the most popular "star" on Pawn Stars.

Give the guy a break! Sure he brings the teasing and harassment upon himself, for the most part; and, yes he definitely contributes to his own delinquency; and, of course, he is always looking out for his best interest. But, does that mean he should be tormented and taunted beyond belief? Now that I think about it, yes, he probably deserves everything he gets. Nonetheless, all of this attention has brought him some pretty serious fame and fortune. When the guy goes out to buy a Maserati, this should send a clear message that money is certainly flowing in, and it is doing so in large quantities apparently.

No matter how you may feel about good old Chumlee, he also deserves some credit here. He has shirts with his caricature on it, other items mass-produced that are all about him and his role on Pawn Stars. His namesake alone is probably worth millions right now. In fact, it would not surprise many of us if he does not turn out to be the most successful of the entire clan; now there is irony for you. With all due respect, and Chumlee is due a little bit, at some point this whole series and concept will grow old. When that time will be is anyone’s guess. For many fans, they surely hope that it is not in the near future. As the saying goes, “All good things must come to an end.” Does that mean that all bad things never end? Oh well, that is way too deep for now.

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You will be Amazed at Pawn Shop Inventory

pawn shop camping equipment

It seems you can get ANYTHING at a pawn shop!

You will be Amazed Pawn Shop Inventory

Let’s say you are fumbling through your “stuff” in the garage or storage and have found several things that you just don’t have a need for any longer. Don’t throw it away! If you believe it is in good condition and thinks someone could have a use for it, load it up and drive on down to your local  pawn shop in Boca Raton. Let them give you a fair price on your items and let you come away feeling good about not only coming away with cash, but also that you will help someone out who is looking for what you had.

Unless you frequent pawn shops, you may not be aware of the tremendous inventory they possess on any given day. You are likely to see jewelry, watches, electronics – especially Apple products, tools and outdoor gear. The sheer selection will be enough to get you hooked the next time you have a need for something around the house or for a camping trip. Don’t forget the gift purchasing that is already starting. This is an excellent time to make that list and check it twice so you can decide who has been naughty and who has been really nice.

Seriously, pawn shops are not what they used to be and their inventory is certainly something to behold. Listening to what someone says or writes, including me, should not make up your mind. Take the little amount of time necessary for you to make that decision for yourself. Besides, what can you lose? I submit that nothing will be lost; not even your time. Once you walk in and your eyes start to gaze at the astounding amount of items and range of inventory available, you will convince yourself on the spot.

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Pawn Shops have what holiday shoppers need!

Local Pawn Shops

Local Pawn Shops Have What You Need

Much of what most of us need can be found at your local pawn shop. It is true! The business of pawn-brokering is an amazing entity that exists to provide for a very diverse customer base. It makes no difference what you do as a profession, what demographics you come from, or what aspirations you have in life; they understand that you are interested in making a sell or a purchase and that describes their entire mission in a nut-shell. Not many other genre in the private or public sectors of business make this claim. With your needs in mind, they do what is possible to take your goods and turn them into opportunity for their next client.

If you have not been to a pawn shop lately, there is much you probably have missed and in these weeks before Christmas you could do well to explore them. The market has become so technical and based upon a huge array of products causing them to constantly look in different directions to build a stronger more customer friendly environment. What you may consider as just some item not serving any purpose laying around in your garage or in the house, a future customer will be in desperate need of at that moment. If this is in question, just go down to the pawn shop and watch to see what people are seeking to purchase. It may surprise you.

Holiday Shoppers!

One person may be looking for a special tool for dad, another has to have an instrument for a class at school or college… and here comes Christmas. It is impossible to fathom how this market is driven by certain demands, but Pawn shops are the ultimate barometer of what there’s too much of or of what is in demand. The odds are that your Christmas shopping would benefit from a trip to your local pawn broker. You might even get some great gift ideas that hadn’t occured to you.

A true indicator that these pawn shops are in the customer service business is when they take the time necessary to find what you need if they don’t have it in stock. This is common-place with them; it is the norm and something they thrive on to solidify your confidence and trust in their ability to provide what you are pursuing. Fortunately, you have the opportunity to see all of this for yourself. Never take anyone’s word when making decisions of purchases and possible investments, especially in jewelry or other high-dollar items. Enjoy the experience and be prepared to be pleasantly surprised.

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The Pawn Shop Experience

boca pawn broker

This isn't your father's pawn shop!

What in the world am I talking about? Some of you already know without me going into any kind of description. Some of you can sense what this may be about, especially if you have been to a pawn shop recently; especially in the Boca Raton area. Let me begin by tantalizing you just a bit. Many of you reading this will be able to identify with a situation where you did not have a whole lot of money for something that you desperately wanted or needed. I can also safely say that for most of you a pawn shop was not your first inclination for making this purchase. At any rate, this item you absolutely had to have was out of your reach, financially speaking. Then you visit with a friend or family member and they tell you about a great deal they got at the pawn shop. An “Aha moment” explodes in your mind. That’s right; I could have gone to a pawn shop and saved a bundle.

Why didn’t you think of that before? One reason is that too many of you don’t have a good picture in your mind about a previous experience somewhere else and assumed that another experience would end up the same. Or, you did not want to give it another chance. Fair enough, with this being a  natural reaction. However, let me interject a notion that is also just as fair. Perhaps, the day you went in to make a purchase your anxiety level was elevated due to a stressful situation, or you knew that it would turn out to be a poor experience because of what you listened to some else say and let their opinion taint your impression. Either way, this would not give the pawn shop a fair chance right off the bat. So, try an experiment and get the “fever”.

Take a trip to your local Boca Raton pawn shop with one specific item in mind that you have been considering to purchase brand new elsewhere. Browse around and see what is in the inventory. Two things now will need to happen to give this experience a fair chance. One, ask a representative to  help you locate what it is you seek. Two, if the item is not there, ask the representative to see if there is one located elsewhere that they can get for you to purchase. Service is one of many reasons that will play a factor in you wanting to give them your future business or not. I think that if you go into the purchasing endeavor with a positive attitude and with all of the desire to find what you desire, the experience will be much better than you ever anticipated. Happy shopping!

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You need to sell or own something from Apple!

Recently, the whole world got a better glimpse of just how influential Apple products have been in all of our lives; not only here in the United States, but around  the world. A very interesting statistic that many may not know is that over 108 million apple products have been sold around the world. It is expected to more than  double in just a few years. There is an obvious reason. The incredible and ingenious mind of Steve Jobs has been the sole inspiration to bring about a  revolution like none other in our lifetimes. It stands to reason why so many pawn shops, especially in Boca Raton, carry such a great selection of Apple products.

If you have not pursued the opportunity to purchase or consider purchasing an Ipad, Iphone, or Ipod of late, this is a great time to do so. All of the folks who are  evoted users and who will regularly upgrade to the newest or near newest Apple products are leaving in their wake the products they kindly treated and sold to the  pawn shops. In turn, now you have the opportunity to take advantage of the tremendous inventory that is available. You want to talk about deals? Just give one of  the representatives a little bit of your time and share with you the immense availability of such items as the Ipad and Iphone. With the very recent release of the  Iphone 4S, and its popularity, the stock of carefully treated phones of earlier versions is waiting for new owners.

ipad, ipod, steve jobs, iphone

Image via CrunchBase

As another reminder, don’t forget just how close the Christmas season is and how much you desperately need to save in these challenging economic times. What  better way than to plan for a time when you can browse Boca Raton pawn shops via their websites or personally at the store. It would not hurt to give them a call if  you see something on their site to let them know you want to speak with a representative about a specific item. As well, if your desired item is not available, they  can get started on the endeavor of locating what you want in the mean time. Remember, the outstanding workmanship that has gone into Apple products and their  amazing affect on our lives is worth owning a piece of now and in the future.

While you are in a pawn shop… Don’t forget to ask about the best way to sell Apple products you are trying to sell or upgrade from!

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I need an instrument and I need it fast!

pawn shops have musical instruments

Pawn shops have musical instruments!

I need an instrument and I need it fast!

You come home from work and get a chance to visit with your teenage son or daughter to see how their day went. After hearing about the usual, they pipe up and say, “Oh, by the way, I am supposed to buy my own instrument for band this year.” Now there’s a bombshell for you. Ooookay, what do you do to solve this little gem of a problem? I have a great alternative to spending thousands of dollars or having to take a huge loan out to provide for your kids. Look up your local Boca Raton pawn shops and find one close to you. Grab Junior, or Juniorette, and take the opportunity to visit with one of their representatives.

I need buy a musical instrument cheap and fast!!!
(And if you aren’t the person looking for the instrument… maybe you have one to sell a musical instrument! This happens everyday and pawn shops are very motivated to buy from you) Upon arrival you will undoubtedly search for any instruments that may be setting out in a display or on  the shelf for your consideration. The representative will  likely ask what particular instrument is on  the  agenda. One of two things will happen; first, you will let them know and they will point you in the right direction, or second, they may not have exactly what you want. In the case of the second circumstance, don’t get uptight or concerned; just ask if they might be able to locate what you are in need of and if they could help you with this purchase. I am confident they will do everything in their power to assist you.

I expect you will be able to find a great deal and leave completely satisfied and feeling like you have just found a place you will go to time and again for other needs. It truly is a great option when you think about it. The service will be prompt, the inventory will be what you need, and the people are those you want to sell to or buy from whenever possible. How often can you say that about some retail shopping experiences?

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Are Pawn Shops the Economic Barometer?

Well… Are Pawn Shops the Economic Barometer?

With unlikely popular television and pop culture shows like “Pawn Stars” that spawn the likes of Rick and Chumlee, you have to wonder why the attention is working. Could it be that pawn shops are becoming the economic barometer of these trying times?

pawn shop economyThis from http://www.pawnshopstoday.com/News.html“Reports show that the three publicly traded pawn companies reported significantly increased earnings during the last two fiscal quarters. A historic increase in gold value and the “Cash for Gold” craze have shown record numbers of people trading in old jewelry and coins for cash. Perhaps the perception could be based on speculation that in hard times, people pawn. However, there is a larger, more compelling story about the pawn industry.

The National Pawnbrokers Association goes on to report that there are over a staggering 30 million pawn store customers per year that frequent the hallowed halls of economic relief, and the customers highly appreciate the ease and quickness at which this form of lending works. It’s truly a win/win for business and consumer alike.

Because only publicly traded pawn companies are required to track their income, it is next to impossible to accurately track the industry. This, and the fact that the majority of pawn shops are privately owned businesses.

Here’s what we do know: The three publicly traded pawn giants have at least doubled their stock values in the last year. This statistic incorporates all of the business models involved in the pawn industry, not just the lending. And what it means is that the pawn industry is needed, welcome and thriving as it tends to the needs of those who the radical banking regulations are neglecting.

What are your thoughts on this. Does the pawn industry inversely reflect our economic direction?

By Boca Raton Pawn, your premier Boca Pawn Broker.

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Pawn Stars Reviewed by Commonsensemedia.org

Pawn Stars

Image via Wikipedia

Pawn Stars Reviewed:


According to Commonsensemedia.org, “Bickering, hard bargains mark show about family business”. The site goes on to comment that pawn stars is a reality series about the inner workings  of a Vegas pawn shop that provides an interesting look at capitalism at its most basic level.

Are the pawn stars good role models?  Yes and no… but mostly yes! At least according to parents and educators ~ The men who run the shop have a tempestuous relationship and they bicker often. Poor communication as a family maybe, but they are running a business here, and bickering is great communication for a reality show. Is it all real, probably not, we think that they play to the camera smartly. Hey, no one wants to see mature, intelligent communication on a reality show!

They’re aggressive salespeople who are looking for an edge in a deal. So, they are not unscrupulous,  they just push hard for the best deal. It’s not personal; it’s just good business.

  • 57% say there are positive role models
  • 43% say there are positive messages
By Bocaratonpawn, a Boca Pawn Broker.
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Pawn Stars Hero Chumlee Reports Corey Lost 30 Pounds!

Pawn Stars

Image via Wikipedia

While the Pawn Stars audience is GROWING like weeds, Corey’s waist line is shrinking, or at least that’s what Chumlee says. Corey loses 30 pounds and Chumlee gains 1800 or so when he buys a $100K Maserati! Yikes! Times are good at Gold and Silver Pawn!

corey and chumlee

Courtesy of popeater.com

Pawn Stars catches the seedy side of Vegas pawn shops and that is apparently what people want! It’s nice to see someone use their success to improve themselves personally. Go Corey!

I guess the motivation is there, though, for Corey to “hotten” up his bod, after all the t.v. show is on fire! But maybe more than that, the foot traffic in the store is increasing dramatically as Gold and Silver Pawn has now become a tourist destination in Vegas!

So Vegas, how do you feel now that you’ve gone from Rat Pack to Chumlee! Only in these modern times could we see such unpredictable social icons.


On parting, here’s something to ponder, Pawn Stars is as popular right now with 25-54 year olds as is Jersey Shore! Chumlee and Snooki! I just had to type those two names together!

Rock on Pawn Stars ~ We’re watching you!

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